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We have 14 years of experience

Arham Technologies is offering IT solutions since the year 2006. Based in Karachi, Arham Technologies have made its own place in the market with its services like Fiber Optic Cables, Software Development, Security and inspection products, Computer Hardware Accessories, Website development, Domain Registration Serveries, E-commerce Solutions, and Web hosting.

Domain Name Registration

At Arham Technologies, you get an absolute series of Domain Name Registration. In this service, we offer you the domain registration and DNS Management Service, both. There is an extensive classification of the domains available, which are .biz, .com, .pk, .net, .info,,,, .org, .biz, etc. the prices for these domains are also very reliable as compared to the other companies in the market.

In the Domain Name Registration, we offer you the feasible charges with the free of cost setup. You get the Parking Website for at least 5 pages. Along with that, the clients are also provided with the Content Management System, which is the main feature for every domain. Unlike others, we design the Contact – Us Webform for free for our clients. Including our other domain services, the Protection for Domain from Hijacking is also offered. You also get the Email Forwarding option in your domain features.

You will get the Online DNS Manager facility from our Domain Registration services, if you want to redirect or forward the URL, then you can get it done easily with the help of our skilled team. At Arham Technologies, we take care highly for your domain’s security by offering the services of ‘Whois’ Privacy or ID Protect. This is equipped with advanced security software and privacy tactics by our professional IT experts. The Domain Control Panel is also integrated into the features of domain registration services.

The Domain Registration Service is also available in many other supporting languages. You can choose whichever languages suit your requirements. Our team works closely with the clients and helps them in acquiring the right domain. If you face any issue with the domain registration or after obtaining our services, then our team will give you the assistance round the clock. We like to give additional ideas to the clients when they come to us looking for the domain names related to their business. We create some really attractive and easy to understand domain names for the clients so that their businesses would flourish online.

Our domain name customer service could operate on your single phone, email, or in-person visit and find out that what is becoming a hurdle towards the services. With highly skilled team workers, we can solve your query within no time. Many clients on national and international levels are enjoying our services and we are glad to assist them in Domain Name Registration solutions. We look for the regular feedback as well from the clients so that they would be able to tell us whether they are satisfied with the overall service or not.

The clients can also get their domain transfer to us online. Even transferring the bulk domain is not a problem too. You can either do it online through our website or by asking us to do that for you. Our team will definitely meet your demand within no time.

Along with the domain name registration, we also look into the further areas that how they are doing online and it is easy for the users to search and type for it.

Domain Lookup

Website Hosting

For the progress of any company or any business, it is very essential that it has some powerful online presence. There are almost 80% of your clients are present online and they always go online when they want to know about your company. An online user always wants a website which can be uploaded easily and which can be accessed without much hassle.

Arham Technologies always focus on supplying the web hosting service which is synchronized with your brand or company’s objective. Every product will be expressed through the website and no matter what is your website’s storage capacity, our great web servers will take care of it with the speedy network. We offer you unlimited Bandwidth or traffic; you will get the infinite number of email addresses too. We will provide you with the Anti-spam SMTP Proxy / Gateway (Deluxe), with an advanced Web Control Panel (cPanel).

With the high-speed servers, whenever someone types your website address, the webserver gets connected through the internet and supplies the website information and files which are present on the webserver to the computer of the user. The user of your website can, and then easily goes through your website.

We manage the software, server, speed, bandwidth, security, support, and other features for your web hosting that will make your website the most functional one for your users. We have that specific data center built especially to give out the reason for web hosting where we are serving thousands of web hosting.

We offer various sorts of web hosting, such as:

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is the new thing that most of the websites prefer to have. It exists between dedicated hosting and shared hosting with amazing benefits. With the VPS technology, you get a place in the physical hardware server too. With the extraordinary virtualization technology, the servers are partitioned so that every web will have its own server. This is the most flexible way of hosting too and with the dedicated resources. You get a chance to configure your space on the server in your own way.

Shared Web Hosting: For the startups, this type of web hosting is very common and it is in cheap prices too, because in it you are not paying for the whole separate server place. You get to share the server with other customers as well. All of the maintenance and updating will be done by us. Although it is a cost-effective option, you get to face issues like the slow site and less adaptable options.

Dedicated hosting: As the name is suggesting, the dedicated hosting means that you are going to have your own place of resources and server. You get to have your own place and you do not have to share it with others, of course, it will be high in charges. You get a chance to choose what software and hardware arrangements you want to make in your server as per your choices. Moreover, you do not have to share the resources of your server with someone else on the server. The server will be in your control entirely.

At Arham Technologies, we make sure that every client is getting professional and quality service. We also guide them to have the most suitable service as per their business.


Arham Technologies has its reputation in providing the top-notch software development solutions with all the advanced measures. In this era, it is very crucial for every business to equip its functions with software technology. To attain a viable interface, it is essential to incorporate the work procedure with software advancement. With well-defined tactics, Arham Technologies create some very practical software solutions for your business.

With an outstanding team of IT experts, the Arham Technologies take it as their responsibility to meet the client’s requisitions by studying their business, their working norms and formulate the excellent software for them. Our software development team works on these steps to accomplish the software development plan.

+ Study of the client’s business environment and culture.
+ Locate the limitations which are lessening your efficiency.
+ Come up with the most accurate software development plan to meet the requirements of the business.
+ Running the software test to check out the loopholes in it.
+ Arrange and incorporate the software program into the client’s workplace.

Arham Technologies is offering the software programming and web solutions to the clients from small, average, and huge ventures within the region and to the international ones as well. We have got a highly competent team working on these customized software development sections and we create the state of the art pieces of software for the clients. We utilize technologies like ASP.NET, ROR, HTML/XML, PHP, AJAX.NET, VB.NET, Whereas in the database, we use the technologies of DB2, Postre SQL, and MySQL with whom you can create the most useful software which spikes up your efficiency and output.

We offer features like:
+ Software solutions for the website.
+ Customized web application plan and development.
+ IT solutions for workplace mechanization.
+ For Bar code and scanning features, we offer software solutions.
+ We have a customized software solution for B2C and B2B websites.
+ Fr iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Smartphones, we have customized software encoding resolution.
+ Revision or expansion of your current website with the help of our customized software feature.

Our team of experts gets in touch with the clients on a regular basis and takes feedback on the projects and on software development as per their business necessities. With timely feedback, it saves us both time and cost. You get the most viable edging of the software development done with sheer professionalism by our experts.

Our additional aspects of software development lie in areas like HR Management, in which we provide the management software through which the companies can keep the record of all the employees. The software will be according to the company’s requirements and user-friendly as well. For all of your e-commerce solutions, we devise the software system which gives you the chance to have proper communication with the clients and offer them the hassle-free shopping experience through your e-commerce site. Along with these solutions, we offer the Content Management System, Library Information System, and Website designing, etc too.

Website Design & Development

Website designing and development is the very insightful responsibility that every web developer has to do with greater care, it cannot be just performed rather it requires everything to be closely monitored and develop everything according to the client.

At Arham Technologies, you will see that there are many things that clients want to take care of and we take care of them with so much efficiency that you feel satisfied when you see them. Our competent team works with the designing and development of the website in a way that clients want. Our web designing experts create the website which is search engine friendly and attracts the moire visitors with the right keywords. We develop websites that are highly user interactive and easy to load too.

With fine coding and catchy appearance, we develop the most alluring websites on the internet. If you want us to design a customized website for your business or company, then we will design one with our expert web designing team. The website will be comprised of Forums, Content Management Systems, E-commerce shopping features, etc. whatever your business deals in with, we will get the work done for you. For the quality results, we prefer that we are working with the client’s recommendations and ideas so that we will design the website in that way.

We ensure about developing a functional website because it will let the client’s visitor go through the website easily. We develop a website that has all the features related to your business or your objectives. We will make sure that your website is targeting the right market and your sales are rightly managed by our designed website. We develop the website in PHP, AJAX, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, Perl, and many others. For the database application, we use the MYSQL, MS SQL, and Apache. You can get developed any website that you want to see for your venture.

Our Arham Technologies prices are highly compatible as compared to the other developers in the market. Not only that, we also offer them the after service support even though the contract’s end, but we do not leave our clients alone. Our client-friendly service makes us popular amongst them and clients prefer to come to us.

There are website development features as well, which we are offering to our clients and if you feel like not having them, then you can simply go for the customized package and we will make one for you as your desirable services. If the client is facing some issues with the website, then he can always contact us at any time of the day. From day to night, our customer service is present to serve the client with troubleshooting queries.

Before the designing and development of the website, the clients can also ask for the quotations. Just let us know about your preferences and we will get the work done for you. Also, if you want to refresh your website with the new look, come back to us and we will get it all new and improved look.


Along with other needs of our clients, we, at Arham Technologies also take care of the hardware requirements. Consistency and reasonable maintenance cost are all that we are famous for. We do not compromise over the quality and we offer the most reliable products to our clients. We provide timely hardware solutions to the clients who help them in continuing their functions smoothly and without any delay. Whatever the client would need, we will provide that inventory to them. We have a vast variety of branded and unbranded Desktop, Laptops, CCTV Cameras, Printers, PABX systems, DVRs, etc. if there are any troubleshooting support for your desktop computer, then our skilled IT experts will get it done on your single call. Whether it is installation or configuration of your RAM, Motherboard or Hard disk, you will get the instant support from here. The installation and configurations are done with the legal software. The up-gradation is applied to your Graphic cards, network cards, DVD, System memory, etc.

We enhance your working capacity by customizing the software application as per your requirements.

Not only that we assist you with the hardware products, but we also offer you the desktop or server solutions, in which you will get the features of:

+ Practical examination and supervision

+ Help desk service round the clock

+ Tackling the spamming issues

+ Desktop supervision

We also serve our clients with the installation, safeguarding, and management of the servers. These are the e- hardware solutions, in which we provide you with reliable and cost effectual solutions. For your small or big size companies, we are offering all hardware and e- hard solution. Incorporation of several LAN and WAN in your Network Operating System.

We have our e-hard solutions for the windows and Linux server, both. We get you the installation and make the functional by implementing the different security checks and limited access by the users at the client workplace. On the other hand, Linux is said to be a more efficient and secure server. We set up and execute the server on very reasonable cost with sheer professionalism.

We also offer you the hardware rental service where you can fulfill your computer hardware needs for the time period of a week, month, or year. You can rent the hardware for any special purpose like for the training, exhibition, if any, the staff member is traveling abroad, to reduce your budget, for the presentations, for some events and for any other of the official uses. You get a wide range of items from our company at very suitable rates. We have the equipment ready to deliver on an urgent basis as well. The service is provided to all over Pakistan. If you want to increase your rental duration, then all you have to pay for your rent and not for the equipment.

We care about the life and performance of your hardware as well. Therefore, we offer you the hardware maintenance service as well. We do annual, quarterly, or monthly contracts as per the requirements of the client.


This is the era of networking and every business is connected with the fast-moving data and it is highly secured and efficient as well. There are many challenges and expectations that are attached to the networking models which we overcome with higher quality solutions and networking equipment. We offer the Local Area Network solutions by building up the network within your business or at your workplace. Your computer equipment will get connected to each other and that will be easier for you to commence all the operations. Our competent and skilled networking team can boost the productivity of your network as well along with setting it up. All of your functions get done smoothly when your networking is working in the most precise manner.

Wide Area Network is the system that gets done when you connect with the equipment like satellite dishes, radio waves, telephone lines which can cover the wider geographical area with the help of LAN. With our qualified team, we can design the whole WAN networking system and install it as per the client’s requirements. All of your software needs to meet here with the assistance of our skilled engineers. You can discuss the networking requirements with the engineer and together we can create some virtuoso networking.

We cannot leave the fact that networking is open to many security threats as well. In this era, everything is now present online and this creates many security threats for the companies. Around 90% of the networks have solemn security issues that could put your business into some deep problems. Certainly, no one wants to have such issues with their business and you can get your system checked from our IT department. The skilled IT team at Arham Technologies checks your system for the viruses and errors, after that they provide you with the complete and thorough written report in which all the problems are stated, the affected areas are highlighted and also the others attached problems are mentioned as well. The solutions are also proposed for the problems and how you can eradicate them.

We supply you with the most senior IT expert to offer you his detailed inspection, who assesses the whole system and working condition of your network. At the end of an inspection, we are capable of pinpointing the possible falls in your system and its security. We check if there are any threats to the data and power outage.

We summarize the inclusive and strong defensive measures for the most obnoxious and lethal computer viruses. We help you up to the great extent that your network is secured from the hackers and any If there are any alarming areas, then our team identifies them and offers you the solutions for them. You can also consult our consultation team for the networking solutions and to discuss any flaws in them. This is all very simple for all of our clients now that they can transfer all of their work online without any security threat because our competent IT experts can devise the best-secured networking area for them.

Security and Surveillance

With the advanced rules in the world of security, it has become very crucial for businesses to take greater of their security and surveillance systems. The fear of spyware and spam has increased a lot and it could bring serious issues to your business operations too.

Arham Technologies is offering security and surveillance all over Pakistan with greater professionalism and with the outclass security solutions which will make it possible for the clients to perform their activities without any threat. We work as per your requirements and specifications demanded by you. You can get the security equipment like DVRs, cameras, handheld metal detectors, turnstile, walk through detectors, speed dome, access control, fiber optic cable, cabling products, video cable, and road blocker. These are the equipment that plays an important role in your workplace security.

Information Technology has enhanced the function of security amongst the companies and has made it feasible for them to expand their businesses without any threat. You can not only secure your premises with information technology, but you can also secure your data with them. The application of the security and surveillance system is not the only thing, but monitoring the whole IT working system is essential as well. If you are failing to have the proper security and surveillance system, then you may face issues like breach of private information, issues with accessibility, you get the issues related to the reliability of data.

At Arham Technologies, we are working closely with the clients to know more about their preferences and provide them with greater security solutions according to the client’s business. By complying with all international standards of security and surveillance, we produce the best security solutions for our clients.

The security in the workplace is important too because you get to save your data and all the other functions that you perform during your business. You have to secure your dealings, sensitive information, passwords, and other business details as well so that no one could break in and steal the imperative information.

Same as that, the security of the outside is important too. You have to secure your premises as well so that no one could harm your office place or your warehouse, etc. for that, the WiFi security cameras, monitoring system, alarm security kits, day/ night camera, and other gadgets are very critical to have. Not only that you can have the indoor security solutions as well to make sure that you are secured within your office too, and your workplace is protected when you are not around. We propose the best possible solutions for your security and surveillance which suits your organization and its environment.

Arham Technologies have got a vast list of clients who trust our security and surveillance solutions and rely on us with customized measures. We use all advanced products and items which makes it possible for them to conduct their business in the most relaxing environment and increase their productivity.

Corporate Identity

We know that every client who comes to us has got a different approach towards their business and has got a different perspective in minds that how do they have to market their business. To meet all those requirements, Arham Technologies brings in the best Corporate Identity solutions to the clients. We help our clients in having the identity that will make them stand from out of the crowd and they will make themselves look better than others.

Arham Technologies has got everything compiled for the clients with the design, idea, inactive design, and design for the brochure, design for the pamphlet, design for the flyer, design for the newsletter, animated logos, packaging design, product design, and so many other designs that are essential for your corporate identity.

Our designing team is highly able to turn your dreams into reality and gets your ideas into reality. The team discusses the design requirements with the client and gives them innovative designing ideas. These ideas are mainly constructed with the vision of servicing the client’s perception. We design the logo by keeping in mind that we have to market it on social media, print media, and advertisements and on other mediums as well. Therefore, it takes a great deal of brainstorming to get the logo done.

The services that we offer for the corporate identity, has got an annual report design, collateral postcard design, brand identity, presentation design, flyer design, book cover, banner packages design, product launch strategy, print ads, consistency strategy, exhibition design, online marketing materials, cartoons and comics, CD cover design, label design, banner ads, emails newsletter, stationery design, catalog, digital image editor, newsletter design, etc.

Web Hosting is working with the aim to design the best corporate identity for clients who want to make something about their business. For every new company, we love to provide the best ideas and we continue to do that. We go through the in-depth conversations with the client and team that how can we develop the best-looking identity for the client’s corporation or simple business Discussing it together helps us in analyzing many aspects and help us in seeing the different ideas too. Our charge for this service is also as reasonable as other services and the quality of service is high like other of our services.

We offer round the clock customer service to the clients and try to solve if there are any issues with the ideas or if they want to make any changes. The team is always there to hear their concerns. Contact us today if you want that best and unique corporate identity for the new venture.

Technical Support

Arham Technologies never leave its clients after service rather the technical team is always present there with the technical support too. The clients can always ask for support when in need. Our technical team is always present to support them with the solutions something goes wrong with the software or networking, security, etc.

We offer online technical support to all of our clients at any time of the day. We have our support available for the clients through email, through the website, through phone calls, or simply by visiting us at any time of the day in our office. Our support is very prompt and our dedicated team gets to the work as soon as they receive your query.

We also look into the matter if there are any amendments that clients want to have in their networking, software, hardware, security, etc. we guide them and ask them for their ideas too. It is our approach that when we work closely with the clients, we can understand their requirements in a better way and we can come up with better solutions. We charge reasonably for the technical support if there is something very huge, but if the issues are of normal nature, then we assist them without any cost. In some cases, we offer assistance because it is in your contract with us

We also offer you the solutions for your data and important files back up. We design the whole back up systems for you according to your organization. If there are any spamming issues with your computer or any other hardware, then we solve it on an immediate basis.

We recommend you with the best security software and keep an eye that when does it require changes or up-gradation. Along with all these, we also offer online chat support to the clients. Our online team replies to you promptly and try to solve your problems online. Most of the time, we deliver the solutions through online chats, and customers do not have to put in more time to wait and get their problems solved.

The clients can reach us through Skype as well. We offer the support for the issues like:

+ Solve the issues related to your desktops. No matter whether they are from Toshiba, Acer, HP, Compaq, Mac, Dell, etc.

+ If your computer is working slow, then we can get it fixed within no time.

+ Want an upgrading of the software, our team of experts will be on its way over your single call.

+ For any of your Operating System, the support is always there.

+ Tackles any of your malware within the system.

Arham Technologies tries its best to serve the clients in the most professional manner like on-call or online. We want our clients to have the solution without even coming out of their offices or home. With the remote IT support, we save your time and cost, both. Whatever your computer’s brand is or whatever your hardware or network is, our proficient team will come up with the resolutions of your queries within time and effectively.

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